Lucid Canvas logo


I’m a professional digital design artist with over 6 years of experience and I can offer you a wide variety of services. I’m interested in both freelance work or with a long term contract.

Social Media Covers & Google AdWords Banners

I can make static or animated cover and avatar for your business page, as well as post banners & ads and HTML5 Google AdWords campaign banners.

Website Design & Programming

I have more than 4 years of experience in making responsive website designs. I can also program it, unless the website is too big and elaborate for me alone to handle, then I can reference you to a full-time programmer.

3D & 2D Video ads

Need your company logo modeled in 3D and animated? Wish to deliver a strong message and need a powerful visuals to match? I can offer you that, for internet use or TV, billboards, etc.


No matter the subject, I’m certain we will find the best solution for your business, website or event together. I can also make the logo in 3D.

Book Covers & Posters

I’d be glad to make you a standout book cover or poster for your cause, perhaps using my 3D artwork skills.