Owl & Snake Duality Totem

"Owl & Snake Duality Totem"

Out of the now infinity takes shape, and through duality she blossoms...

Lucid Canvas Art Meditation


Thoughts are like butterflies that you are constantly giving form to and sending out into the world. Which “flowers” they pollinate (whether useful or harmful) depends on you – if your thoughts are fueled by love or hate.

Lucid Canvas Art Make It Matter

"Make It Matter"

All energy can be useful, if you make it be so. When life gives us hardships, it is up to us how we’re going to use that gift of energy. Why not be a “watering can” – transforming all the pointless negativity into something that matters and is beautiful, by making it matter?

Lucid Canvas Art Kaleidoscope of Life

"Kaleidoscope of Life"

Life is like a kaleidoscope – it is a mosaic of views, ideas, feelings and everything else in it, hence there are no single “right” or “true” ways to do something or believe in something, with each complimenting the other in a beautiful symphony of harmony.