Lucid Canvas: Yesterdayland

This is a story about Lucid – an artist, who uses dreams as her canvas. She lived at a time when nature and man were intertwined, sharing a one endless slumber… She had her house built on the top of a volcano in the lush countryside of Todayland, and even though she often visited the town, no one knew how she actually looked like, – she appeared different to everyone that she came in contact with, which was a side-effect of her being a dream artist – what would seem a little odd, but it was a world made of dreams, where the strange and surreal were part of the mundane – hence the name “Dreamworld”.


Lucid was humble and valued one quality in herself above all other – being a good mother. Sadly, she didn’t have children of her own, but she would say that dreams are her children and that if you have goodness to give, you’ll find who to give it to, and in return, you’ll have someone to love and be loved by, that’s why she cared for everyone that she met, including people and animals too, and they admired and cherished her for that – calling her a beautiful dream mother.


Lucid loved to travel and would usually just go wherever the heart took her. On one journey through the vast Yesterdayland desert, she met a man who had been lost there for several years. You see, the desert once had been a fertile land, populated by people and filled with laughter, until the sands of time swept the place and made it into a desert that it is now. Even though you could still make out the forms of buildings and places that once were brimming with life, they were abstract in form, and you could just as easily make out monsters from the shapes of familiar slopes or be lured by the marvelous mirages of wonderful castles and treasures, even though it was all just sand now. It was a very strange land and yet familiar and alluring, a place where you could lose yourself if you spent too much time wandering… Lucid knew that place well, she actually used to live there before it was made a desert, as did her friends, before they made home in the Todayland. She also knew the sand itself was alive and had a will of its own and that it wasn’t it’s fault for putting everything underneath it, however, it was very lonely because it had lived an eternity without anyone even noticing it was alive, so it would captivate people with great mirages, just to keep company…


There were people who had either chosen to live there or were lost in the desert and had forgotten that the world could be anything else. Sadly, over time the desert would deform people, making their faces stretch out like dough and their bodies take on bizarre shapes, as well as twist their precious mirages.


The man Lucid met once had a life there too. He saw his daughter’s face in Lucid and started tearing from joy as he shouted: “My dearest daughter, you came back for me!” Lucid then replied “I was always here father, but you kept covering me up in sand…” and with a warm smile, she vanished into the sand like one of his mirages. Startled, the man started to weep and began scooping the sand where Lucid had faded, with a crushing longing to see his daughter again – a feeling long forgotten, but unearthed by Lucid, and as he was scooping the sand, big gusts of wind arose and started blowing, as if responding to his heart’s cry. The wind scattered an oddly shaped dune, where now was his house and beloved daughter.


The father rejoiced and hugged his daughter as if for the first time, bathing in happiness of the moment that he got to see her again… She, also tearing out of joy, said to him “I’m so happy to see you smile again daddy, I haven’t seen you smile ever since mom died…”


To be continued…