Aloha! My name is Lukas Žuklys


My highest inspiration is to contribute to the positive evolution of consciousness – that’s how Lucid Canvas – Holistic Graphic Design was born, – doing what inspires me the most in assisting the collective and fulfiling my passion.


I’m here to celebrate every client’s unique song of the heart by offering my experience, knowledge, skill and passion in co-creating something magical together.


I often receive amazing feedback that the design has helped the client get inspired to be the best version of themselves for the project’s outcome.


After 4 years of rewarding activities by Lucid Canvas and meeting so many of my soul family that helped me on my soul’s journey and having the joy of working together all boundaries disappeared – just the universe fulfilling itself, all that’s left is to marvel at the synchronicities and enjoy the co-creation at it’s best.


If you feel like working with me let’s connect by contacting me through the website or on my Facebook page.


Lukas Žuklys Lucid Canvas Holistic Graphic Design